How to join the Tail platform as a retailer

On the hunt to attract customers? Then Tail is the right app for you.

Tail enables retailers to retain and acquire new customers through historical transaction data. There are no sign-up fees, campaign, or dashboard costs, just a small commission is applied on each customer redemption.

The steps to being a part of Tail’s platform are very direct. Simply create your targeted offers in the Tail platform, specify the cashback and you’re ready to go!

To simply create offers in the Tail platform, first access the retailer’s dashboard. This dashboard gives you the tools to activate your campaign in minutes with a few simple set-up options which include:

Specific “always ON” cashback offers to reward existing customers.

New customers only offers


Set specific hours and/or days for offers

You can create multiple offers and campaigns

Secondly, submit your offer so that new and existing customers on the Tail app receive targeted offers.

Moreover, the Tail app will allow you as a retailer to generate revenue since Tail members spend money at your business using their linked bank card, and Tail members receive an instant in-app notification of cash earned and you will be issued an invoice.

As a retailer gaining insight on your customers is crucial, and so the Tail app will help you review in real-time redemption tracking and optimise campaigns to retarget customers and keep them engaged.

By signing up to Tail you are a few minutes away from a successful campaign as the app is designed to make your journey to customer retention easier as their there are no staff training or EPOS integration required, no loyalty card or vouchers required, and lastly, excellent marketing support through Tail’s social media channels that will drive your sales.